Why to choose Azure?

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Why choose Microsoft Azure as a cloud platform?

The cloud platform is selected according to the company’s needs and requirements. The choice is influenced by several things, where cost-effectiveness, speed of implementation, built-in security, speed of application development are often important factors that guide the choice.

Microsoft Azure cloud enables the development of new and modern cloud native applications quickly and cost-effectively. The ready-made PaaS (platform as a service) and managed services offered by Azure speed up the implementation and enable you to focus on solving the business problem at the very beginning of the project.

The Azure cloud offers several benefits, such as a modern and constantly evolving platform, excellent productivity, cost-effectiveness, global scalability, performance, reliability and security.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

Azure is a modern and constantly developing platform for Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure offers a modern and constantly developing technical platform for implementing high-quality and globally scalable cloud services. Many of Microsoft’s own services, such as Office 365, are built on top of Azure. Microsoft invests the most in the development of Azure and creates completely new services every year. The platform develops and expands rapidly.

Azure PaaS services improve development productivity

Azure offers hundreds of IaaS, PaaS and managed services, which can be used to reduce development time and transfer the development input directly to the solution of the problem.

Azure is cost effective

Azure resources can be deployed exactly when they are needed. Resources can be scaled according to usage and also paid for according to usage. Resources can also be reduced if the need is lower from time to time.

Azure scales from small to global use

Microsoft Azure cloud services scale reliably from small to larger global uses. The services can be built to scale reliably so that they do not crash even in larger visitor rushes.

Azure reliability and security

Azure is the platform for many of Microsoft’s own products, which can be seen in excellent global availability and data security.

Azure Managed PaaS services

Microsoft Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) services can be used to quickly implement modern cloud applications. In Managed PaaS services, you do not maintain or be responsible for the underlying hardware or infrastructure. You can reserve the necessary PaaS resources and pay according to their use, and scale resources almost endlessly.

Azure IaaS services

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) services can be used to implement virtualization and network solutions as a cloud service. Virtual machines, workloads and applications that require maintenance and are easily broken in your own data center or office can be moved to more easily scalable and maintainable virtual solutions running in the cloud. Virtual solutions can be modernized piece by piece and create new capabilities. Scaling of server infrastructure maintained by your own data center or a local IT partner is usually possible after a delay of several days. In Azure, the time interval for scaling changes from days to minutes.

Azure Devops

DevOps tools and processes are needed to deliver modern and high-quality applications. Azure Devops is a service for application lifecycle management that enables automated and continuous integration, distribution and deployment. With Azure Devops, you can accelerate the life cycle of application development and progress from the idea phase to implementation with continuous integration, testing and release.

Azure for customer projects that require agile development

Is Azure development current?

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